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Jefferado (Feb 21, 1981) Penang born magician, real name Jeffrey Ch’ng Yih Hwang. He is one of a handful of truly professional illusionist and magician in Malaysia. In addition to his impressive sleight of hand, Jefferado also incorporates unique technique and entertaining presentation style that makes him stand out from many of his peers. In Jefferado own philosophy, a magic show would be considered a success without excitement, laughter and happiness from the audiences.

  • Birthdate: 21/02/1981
  • Phone: +6012-4700 990
  • E-mail:
  • Address: 14, Immigration Road, 10400 Penang, Malaysia.
my biography
  • Aged 8
    21 Feb 1989

    Jefferado fell in love with magic early in his childhood days. Back then, his family often brought him along to watch the magic shows. On his eight-year-old birthday, he received a set of magic kit set by his father’s Singapore friend as present. Ever since then, his passion and enthusiasm towards magic grew even stronger. With determination and dedication, Jefferado kept studying and practicing every single day. Each day he would spend hourly learning and practicing to perfect his art of magic. And he got his earlier chances to test his magic skills in his primary school.

  • Aged of 13 - 18
    Jan 1993 – Dec 1998

    At the age of 13, Jefferado get started performing on stage mainly for small parties, old folk’s homes, orphanages and charity events. Over the years, he had learned and gained a lot of magic showmanship and experiences by frequent performances as well as attending some international magic festivals and conventions. By the age of 18, he already startup his own company Amazing Magic Studios and became full time professional magician.

  • The Most Famous Magician

    After years of efforts and aspiration, Jefferado won the prestigious The Most Famous Magician award at the Malaysia magic competition in 2006. Performing on stage does not satisfy Jefferado, he prefers to interact with audiences. Often Jefferado would get close up or invite volunteer audience to participate in his show. Not surprisingly, the audiences of any ages would be wowed and impressed with his entertaining styled of magic performances

  • The Present
    2014 - Present

    As of today, Jefferado had already performed over thousand of magical shows upon invitation. He performs frequently for various charity occasions, government events and private corporate functions. Besides that, he also gets invited regularly to perform for local as well as oversea celebrities parties. After 15 years of long journey in magic industry, today he is a proud owner of Amazing Magic Studios which he setup in 1999.

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